Slideshow 10 Books to Stuff in Every Advisor's Stocking

  • June 06 2012, 11:20am EDT
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10 Books to Stuff in Every Advisor's Stocking

No advisor's stocking would be complete without these must-have books that will sharpen their professional skills.

Here are 10 books for every advisor's stocking this thanksgiving.

<a href=>10. Tested in the Trenches</a>

In Tested in the Trenches: A 9-Step Plan for Building and Sustaining a Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice the authors explain how securities representatives, insurance professionals, investment advisors and CPAs can differentiate through service, branding and relationships. Based on concepts taught in professional coaching workshops worldwide, Tested in the Trenches outlines the four "foundation" steps to success, four ways to generate revenue, 15 habits of top achievers and checklists to organize your financial services practice.

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<a href=>9. The Alpha Masters</a>

Written by Maneet Ahuja, the hedge fund industry insider, The Alpha Masters brings the secretive world of hedge funds into the light of day for the first time. As the authority that the biggest names in the business, including John Paulson, David Tepper, and Bill Ackman, go to before breaking major news, Ahuja has access to the innermost workings of the hedge fund industry. For the first time, in Alpha Masters, Ahuja provides both institutional and savvy private investors with tangible, analytical insight into the psychology of the trade, the strategies and investment criteria serious money managers use to determine and evaluate their positions, and special guidance on how the reader can replicate this success themselves.

<a href=>8. The Million Dollar Financial Advisor</a>

Based on interviews with fifteen top advisors, each doing several million dollars worth of business every year, The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor distills their universal success principles into thirteen distinct lessons. Each is explained step-by-step for immediate application by veteran and new financial professionals alike. The book also features two complete case studies. First there is the "best of the best" advisor whose incredible success showcases the power of all the book's principles working together in concert. The second is an account of a remarkable and inspiring career turn around and demonstrates that it's never too late to reinvent oneself.

<a href=>7. The Excellent Investment Advisor</a>

The one true career path of the 21st-century advisor: a step-by-step belief/behavior system that will carry you to the 95th percentile of the industry in assets under management/income ... within three years.

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<a href=>6. Building your Multi-Million Dollar Practice</a>

Increase income, maximize valuation, eliminate stress. For more than 20 years, financial experts Peter and Katherine Vessenes have helped brokers, dealers, registered investment advisors, and financial service providers develop more profitable businesses. Unlike other works on financial management, which distill the best practices of superstars, this book shares the authors' insights gleaned from their personal experiences, analysis, and consultation with the nation's most prestigious companies.

<a href=>5. More Money Than God</a>

Wealthy, powerful, and potentially dangerous, hedge fund moguls have become the It Boys of twenty-first- century capitalism. Beating the market was long thought to be impossible, but hedge funds cracked its mysteries and made fortunes in the process. Drawing on his unprecedented access to the industry, esteemed financial writer Sebastian Mallaby tells the inside story of the hedge funds, from their origins in the 1960s to their role in the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009.

<a href=>4. Wealth Management: The Financial Advisor's Guide to Investing and Managing Client Assets</a>

Wealth Management outlines the current state-of-the-art in financial planning, and describes respected financial planning speaker and author Harold Evensky's effective, optimal asset allocation policy that is designed to account for each client's unique goals and constraints. It provides readers with concise yet thorough information on current investment theories, along with detailed reference for further study.

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<a href=>3. Private Wealth Management</a>

With Private Wealth Management, Eighth Edition, money managers and personal investors once again have a reliable resource of personal financial management guidance that is complete with essential new material addressing the latest trends in financial planning.

These historic economic times call for new guidance. Hallman and Rosenbloom deliver with new chapters on asset protection planning, cash flow analysis, and interest accumulation concepts, as well as increased coverage of common stock investments and alternative investments. Additionally, in-depth and up-to-date attention is given to the Tax Relief Act of 2004 and the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

From setting financial objectives and understanding the planning process to investing in equities and fixed-income securities, Private Wealth Management offers an effective, coordinated process that shows readers how to plan a prosperous financial future in today’s no-guarantee financial environment.

<a href=>2. Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask</a>

In Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask…and Investors Need to Know, coauthors Alan Parisse and David Richman have compiled the questions great advisors ask that lead to the probing and personal conversations necessary to diagnose and understand clients'—and potential clients'—deep-seated feelings about money. That’s how great advisors help clients wring the emotion out of investing and set them on the rational road to achieving their financial goals.

<a href=>1. Storyselling for Financial Advisors</a>

Learn what makes a client trust you to be their financial advisor. Put the power of story telling into selling financial products. The authors explain the process of making these intuitive connections, then translate their findings into understandable and practical strategies that any financial professional can use. They present actual stories, including many by Warren Buffet, one of the greatest ""storysellers"" of all time. These actual stories can help financial pros tap into the "gut reaction" of different types of clients. the book also includes special topics on communicating to women, the 50 market, and the affluent.