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Sellers market
No. 10 Kansas City, Missouri
The Kansas City skyline continues to grow, but the recognizable Western Auto building and recently renovated Union Station have dominated the landscape for many years.
No. 9 Dallas, Texas
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No. 8 Denver, Colorado
Scenic of Denver Colorado skyline, with Rocky Mountains in the background and City Park Lake in the foreground.
No. 7 Boston, Massachusetts
Portland, Ore.
No. 6 Portland, Oregon
View of Portland, Oregon from Pittock Mansion.
Sacramento, Calif.
No. 5 Sacramento, California
No. 4 San Antonio, Texas
River Walk in San Antonio Texas
No. 3 Seattle, Washington
Seattle waterfront during the summer
No. 2 San Francisco, California
San Jose
No. 1 San Jose, California
Drone photo of sunset over downtown San Jose in California