Slideshow 6 Practical, Effective Ways For Advisors To Leverage Their iPads

  • September 11 2012, 3:35pm EDT
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6 Practical, Effective Ways For Advisors To Leverage Their iPads

The iPad has revolutionized the financial services industry. Here's a deeper dive into some of the specific ways advisors and wealth managers are using the iPad to improve their business.

An iPad improves your position as an advisor because it helps you engage with clients and serves as a "hook" to draw clients in and secure them as investors. There are some very creative ways that you can use an iPad to boost your business. Here are six examples:

Source: Craig Faulkner is CEO of FMGSuite, a company dedicated to creating digital marketing tools for today's financial professional. You can also follow him @fmgsuite on Twitter.

1. Potential Speaking Opportunities<br><br>

One of the great ways to use an iPad is to have all of your presentations loaded up on it and ready to go at any time. When you hear about a group presentation opportunity you will easily be able to give the decision-maker a quick overview.

Let's say you are at a Rotary Club or a PTA meeting. Bring your iPad with you, and after the meeting to introduce yourself and discuss potential speaking opportunities. Flip through a few images from your presentation to give the leader a taste of what you will be sharing with a large group. There is no better way to impress a decision maker and secure speaking opportunities.

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2. Group Client Settings<br><br>

Your iPad can also be useful when you are out to dinner with clients or in a group setting. Rather than talking their ear off, get visual. Pull out your iPad and punch in a few figures in a financial calculator, or show them a quick video clip or infographic. Spark their interest so that they will be inclined to want to come in and have an individual follow-up conversation in your office. After a few slides I guarantee that they will.

3. One-On-One Client Time<br><br>

Use your iPad during one-on-one client meetings to involve your clients in the discussion. Allow the client to hold the iPad, flip through the slides of a presentation or engage in drawing charts. This will hook your clients and inspire them to think more about their financial future.

Comfortably and regularly using an iPad in your meetings will engage your clients, and make your presentation more fun and interesting. The hook here strengthens your relationship, enhances credibility, and demonstrates technical expertise in your investment field.

Your clients and prospects want to see that you are up-to-date and on top of trends, and using an iPad to map out their financial success is a great way to demonstrate that.

4. Increase Your Personal Productivity<br><br>

Organize your calendaring; a good calendar app will let you keep all your appointments in one place. We recommend Calendars, because it allows you to connect to multiple calendars and show them on top of each other in one spot. A personal productivity app such as Nozbe, which is a very sophisticated to-do list, can be a great addition to your calendar.

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5. Curate Your Content<br><br>

Evernote is a great way to capture articles and all of the random content that catches your interest, and record or file it. You can also use Flipboard to organize content such as magazines, newspapers and/or blogs where you can easily browse through it and push them out to your clients.

6. Give Seamless Presentations<br><br>

2 Screens is a great way to capture a PDF, Powerpoint or Video presentation and present it on your iPad or iPhone, or on external devices such as a projector with a simple HDMI adaptor. This makes it easy to show a presentation that includes various media on your iPhone to an individual contact, and also to show that same presentation to a group.

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