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7 Facebook Basics for Financial Advisors

People feel the same about Facebook as they do about global warming. They either believe the evidence that it is real or they just flat out don'’t believe anything relating to it at all.

There was a survey done recently that stated that over half of all people will not ever use social media, especially Facebook. Now I am paraphrasing here, but really? Our great-grandparents (probably) said the same thing about the rotary phone. You can try to fight it, but remember when you said you were never going to get a cell phone? You have one now, don’t you?

So, since Facebook is here to stay and it is how all younger generations willingly communicate, regardless of the stock prices, you need to start getting comfortable with it, personally and professionally.

Here are 7 tips to get you up and running on the world'’s largest social network.

Source: Matthew Halloran, co-Author of the upcoming book The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors and one of the top advisor coaches in the nation. .