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8 Tricks for a Great Networking Event
by Paula Vasan: built by Kayan Lim

Good networking involves more than face-to-face meetings: Really skilled networkers not only take advantage of their own networks, but tap other people's networks as well. In his My Word column for Financial Planning, Jason Gordo, co-founder of Valley Wealth in Modesto, Calif., and CEO of FlexScore, an online financial assessment tool, talks about how he used networking to build a $325 million practice in five years.

Read more about Gordo’s own event here.

In 2009, he started an annual event, The Economy and You. Free and open to the public, the conference featured locally renowned business leaders in various fields, who described how their companies were surviving the recession, and offered tips for adapting to changes in consumer spending habits. Gordo credits this event with having spurred much of his firm's growth. Here are his tips for advisors hoping to launching a similar event.

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