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Advisors Share: Best Client Icebreakers
Winning new clients is key to growing a business, but quickly establishing a rapport with a stranger is no easy feat. Moving the conversation from silence to deep engagement is a challenge, and one that requires verve and skill on the part of advisors.

For new and prospective clients who might be ill at ease when discussing money and finances, some advisor may find that they need a few tricks up their sleeve.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we've collected a roundup of advisors' best tips for chatting up new or prospective clients -- strictly for business purposes. These icebreakers run the gamut from eye-popping questions to clever desktop props.

Page through our slideshow to see what some of the best practices are, or click here to read a single-page version. And if you've got a good idea that's not here, please share your tips in the comments below. -- Andrew Welsch, Maddy Perkins & Andrew Shilling