Slideshow IBDs with the most female reps

  • August 22 2016, 12:04pm EDT

FP50 2016: Which IBDS have the most woman advisers?

The percentage of female representatives in the industry has been stuck at around one-third for the past three years.

But some top firms have made dramatic progress upping their game, while others have gone in the opposite direction.

Triad Advisors, which took the top spot this year, was not even on the list in 2015 or 2014. Last year’s No. 1, Transamerica Financial, dropped off the ranking altogether. See which independent broker-dealers are hiring the most women, and how they compare to the competition.

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Take a deep dive into the data with our list of Top 10 IBDs by revenue growth, the IBDs with the richest accounts and IBDs with the fastest-growing payouts.

Data are as of year-end 2015.

10. Cadaret, Grant & Co.

% of Female Reps: 24.5%
% of Male Reps: 75.5%

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9. Cambridge Investment Research

% of Female Reps: 25.2%
% of Male Reps: 74.8%

8. Broker Dealer Financial Services

% of Female Reps: 25.4%
% of Male Reps: 74.6%

7. CUNA Brokerage Services

% of Female Reps: 25.6%
% of Male Reps: 74.4%

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6. Voya Financial Advisors

% of Female Reps: 26%
% of Male Reps: 74%

5. KMS Financial Services

% of Female Reps: 27.7%
% of Male Reps: 72.3%

4. Raymond James Financial Services

% of Female Reps: 28.4%
% of Male Reps: 71.6%

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3. Securities America

% of Female Reps: 29.4%
% of Male Reps: 70.6%

2. Lincoln Investment Planning

% of Female Reps: 30.1%
% of Male Reps: 69.9%

1. Triad Advisors

% of Female Reps: 30.5%
% of Male Reps: 69.5%

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