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Money Magnets: 5 New ETFs with the Most Assets
It's been a record year for ETF launches, with over 200 to date accounting for more than $5 billion in assets, Bloomberg reports. But the ETF market has proven to be a fickle one. Just as many funds launch, dozens manage to last no more than a year.

Then there are those funds that manage to capture investor attention -- and their dollars. They've managed to get ahead through a combination of marketing, investor interest, timing and just plain good luck, taking a bite out of the $140 billion that has gone into ETFs this year.

Leading the top five most popular ETFs this year is the actively managed bond fund offered by Jeffrey Gundlach, the SPDR DoubleLine Total Retun Fund, which was buoyed by having the well-known manager’s name attached to it. It has almost double the total assets of the next most popular ETF launch this year, the iShares Exponential Technologies ETF, which was created to track innovative technologies in different sectors.

Here's the list of this year's top five most popular ETFs, as measured by total assets. Scroll through or click here to view this list in a single page.

Data as of 9/29/15