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Priciest states for in-home health aides
In-home health care is the most popular form of long-term support for elderly Americans. Yet, many people aren't aware of the steep costs involved. Almost one-third of Americans estimate they’ll pay about $417 per month, while the national median cost of care is $3,861 per month for a home health aide.

According to Genworth's annual Cost of Care study, the monthly cost of a home health aide rose 1.25% since 2015. However, it’s worth taking a close look at options because there are wide cost discrepancies between cities — even within an expensive state. Bottom line: There are bargains to be found if clients live in the right place.

Click through to see the top 10 most expensive states for home health aides, ranked by median yearly cost. Costs are also broken down by region where applicable. -- Maddy Perkins