Slideshow Where in-home health aides cost the most

  • October 30 2017, 3:19pm EDT

While the cost of care rose considerably across all options this year, the largest percentage increase in price occurred for home health aides, according to Genworth's 2017 Cost of Care survey. The national median yearly cost of care for home health aides is $49,192, up 6.17% this year. Retirees opting to receive home care can expect to pay caretakers up to $21.50 an hour.

Despite the hike in costs, it’s worth taking a close look at options because there are wide cost discrepancies between cities — even within the more expensive states. Clients living in pricier states might find relief for the cost burden by relocating to a city where care is less expensive.

Click through to see the top 10 most expensive states for home health aides, ranked by median yearly cost. Costs are also broken down by region where applicable. -- Maddy Perkins

10. Montana

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9. Oregon

8. Vermont (tie)

8. South Dakota (tie)

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9. California (tie)

7. Rhode Island

6. Massachusetts (tie)

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6. Hawaii (tie)

5. New Hampshire

4. Washington

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3. Wyoming (tie)

3. Minnesota (tie)

2. Alaska

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1. North Dakota