There's Free Money for IRA Rollovers: Retirement Scan
Learn how to earn money through IRA rollover options; higher earners should be aware of six mistakes that could result in higher costs and taxes; plus cheaper retirement plans for small firms with help of a new tech startup?
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Plus, a tax-free trick many ordinary Americans don't know about, best strategies for a tax-free income, and how a tax-savings strategy on property capital gains is re-emerging. more »
The 101 most popular funds for retirement savings; the importance of rebalancing portfolios to avoid moving stocks in bear markets; and how investors can put money into annuities and IRAs when a 401(K) isn't enough. more »
The best first step in preparing for health care expenses is to separate recurring costs from the less predictable ones; Plus. a proposal in Washington calls for required minimum distributions for Roth IRAs. more »
Bankers at the National Municipal Bond Summit said they believe new bond issuance will increase, especially in the high-yield senior living and charter school sectors. more »
Investing with borrowed money is just one way clients could harm their retirement portfolios; Plus, expats are advised to invest in a low-cost, taxable account. more »
Heavy fluctuations in stocks have increased in recent years. Here's one solution for advisors and their clients. more »
Retirement savers may consider rolling over their 401(k) assets to an IRA if they want to consolidate their retirement accounts and have an easier time managing their savings; Plus, the hidden threat to retirement. more »
Plus, how clients can avoid tax blunders, and why they shouldn't always stick to the standard sequence for tax-efficient portfolio withdrawals for retirement planning. more »
Financial advisors and academics are helping retirees ensure their spending plans are on track by offering drawdown strategies that can adjust to age, account balance and other factors; Plus, five benefits of a capital gains retirement strategy. more »
Advisors should advise clients to avoid buying a one-size-fits-all product and to check offerings by as many carriers as possible before making a decision; Plus, how to counsel pre-retirees who want to give financial assistance to their adult children. more »
Pension plans grew 89% over the last 10 years, while GDP increased just 42%; Plus, provision in budget proposal that would prevent high-income workers from contributing to their 401(k) plans. more »
A few guidelines can help advisors identify the sectors and companies likely to be tomorrow's standout dividend payers before they're obvious. more »
Clients who are financially knowledgeable incurred annual investment returns that are 1.3% higher compared with those who are not; Plus, the disadvantages of a retirement buckets strategy. more »
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