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The 10 best states for clients to retire

As clients begin to think about retiring, they may turn to you for advice on where to spend their post-work life, as well as when.

Almost 25% of non-retired adults haven’t saved any money for retirement, according to recent Fed data. One way clients may get in better financial shape is by relocating to a state that lowers their cost of living without requiring a drastic change in lifestyle.

To help inform clients on the best and worst places to retire, financial website WalletHub has compared states across three key metrics: affordability, quality of life and health care.

Affordability was calculated using metrics such as affordable taxes and adjusted cost of living. Quality of life noted crime rates along with water and air quality. Lastly, healthcare measured facilities, physicians per capita and life expectancy, among other factors.

According to WalletHub, these states come out on top.

10. Minnesota
Total score: 59.88
Affordability score (ranked out of 50): 43
Quality of life score (ranked out of 50): 1
Healthcare score (ranked out of 50): 1
9. Pennsylvania
Total score: 59.94
Affordability score: 23
Quality of life score: 5
Healthcare score: 22
8. Wyoming
Total score: 60.13
Affordability score: 8
Quality of life score: 12
Healthcare score: 36
Des Moines.Iowa.Getty.2.10.19.jpg
7. Iowa
Total score: 60.41
Affordability score: 27
Quality of life score: 8
Healthcare score: 10
Salt Lake City.Utah.Getty.2.10.19.jpg
6. Utah
Total score: 60.73
Affordability score: 16
Quality of life score: 14
Healthcare score: 16
5. Virginia
Total score: 60.82
Affordability score: 14
Quality of life score: 13
Healthcare score: 24
4. New Hampshire
Total score: 61.80
Affordability score: 25
Quality of life score: 3
Healthcare score: 9
3. Colorado
Total score: 62.19
Affordability score: 26
Quality of life score: 9
Healthcare score: 4
2. South Dakota
Total score: 63.72
Affordability score: 9
Quality of life score: 22
Healthcare score: 5
1. Florida
Total score: 65.60
Affordability score: 1
Quality of life score: 7
Healthcare score: 27