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Data & Research
The results were “not just predicated on expense ratios,” an expert says.
May 27
“Just because someone’s charging 1% doesn’t mean you should take them off your list,” an expert says.
May 20
Even some of the industry’s cheapest products “may be overpriced” in that they’re “mirroring a passive index,” an expert says.
May 5
Many of the executives selected this year say the industry’s future may lie in its sudden change to a fully virtual business model.
May 1
Analysis of their performance — and fees — may reveal some surprises.
April 27
The holdings in these top-performers “are companies that will be replaced, from a performance standpoint, over the next decade,” an expert says.
April 22
“These funds got an assist from the Fed when they were told they would backstop the higher end of the high-yield credit industry,” an expert says.
April 20
“People are just saying, ‘Why should I pay for an active manager when most of them lose to the benchmark anyway?’ This is a big deal,” an expert says.
April 15
“I do believe that clients sometimes get too caught up in expense ratios,” an expert says.
April 13
“Ideally, you would like clients to try not to make really short-term decisions, however this is an unprecedented situation,” an expert says.
April 6