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Data & Research
If clients “looked just three months ago, these numbers would be glaringly different,” an expert says.
August 10
Here’s what leaders around the world say must be done.
August 7
The 20 top-performers have generated gains well over 50% in the first seven months of the year.
August 3
Despite besting the broader market over the long-term, those at the top have underperformed in the first half of 2020.
July 27
“No one could have envisioned what this virus was going to do to the commercial real estate space,” an expert says.
July 22
Investors may be put off by the costs associated with these funds, which had an average expense ratio of more than triple their peers.
July 15
The leaders raked in a combined $949 billion over the past decade.
July 7
The funds had posted gains over the past decade, but have suffered losses amid this year's coronavirus-driven volatility.
June 17
"It's now June and if you’ve been on a deserted island for the last five months you couldn’t have fathomed the movements we’ve seen," an expert says.
June 10
The decade’s top performers also outpaced broader markets over the short term.
June 3