Globally, exchange traded products are scooping up assets on a faster pace than in 2012, according to BlackRock’s April 2013 ETP Landscape Report.

So far in 2013 ETPs have seen $79.9 billion of inflows globally, well ahead of the $66.3 billion in the same period in 2012. For the month of April flows into fixed-income products and equities were almost identical, with $9.5 billion and $9.6 billion respectively. $8.7 billion flowed out of gold ETPs.

Fixed-income investors continued to seek shorter duration products in expectation of rising interest rates, with short duration ETPs attracting $5.6 billion, representing the majority of fixed income flows for the month. Developed equities led equity ETP flows with $13.1 billion of flows, followed by dividend income products with $3.4 billion and minimum volatility funds with $2.5 billion.