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Think saving for retirement is unrealistic? Try retiring with no savings

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Our daily roundup of retirement news your clients may be thinking about.

Think saving for retirement is unrealistic? Try retiring with no savings
A survey by the NHP Foundation has found that nearly three quarters of baby boomers expect to postpone retirement to a later date, according to this article on MarketWatch. That's because many of them failed to anticipate medical expenses, thought that Social Security would provide 50% of their monthly income or have expectations based on unrealistic assumptions, says an expert with the foundation. “We believe there is a rude awakening for those who haven’t reckoned realistically with the future.”

Retired seniors’ guide to downsizing
For some seniors who want to reduce spending, have health concerns and are tired of doing household chores, moving to a smaller house can be a smart move, according to this article from Bankrate, a financial information publisher. Downsizing can help retirees minimize mortgage payments, property taxes and maintenance costs, and is a practical move even for those in a higher tax bracket. When selling a primary home, seniors have to account for extra fees and expenses, including property taxes, attorney fees and other closing costs.

1 smart Social Security move for Americans of all ages
Clients are advised to create a "my Social Security" account on the SSA website to check their statements regularly, according to this article on personal finance website Motley Fool. Their Social Security statement provides information that is valuable in financial planning. Moreover, by checking their statements regularly, they can spot and rectify significant errors to ensure that they receive the retirement income they deserve.

How freelancers can save for retirement — in 4 easy steps
Gig employees should overcome behavioral hurdles to build a nest egg and secure their retirement, according to this article from Money. They should use tax-advantaged savings vehicles such as SEP IRA to save for the golden years. To jump start their retirement savings, self-employed workers should start saving as soon as they can, make their contributions automatic, develop a strategic approach to saving and continue doing their freelance work even past their retirement age while they can.

Medicare questions answered
This article from Kiplinger answers some of the most commonly-asked questions about Medicare. Clients need to know valuable information about Medicare, as they have to make important decisions, such as getting supplemental Medigap and Medicare Advantage coverage, and understand the difference among Part A, Part B and Part D of the program. Clients will also have to include Medicare premiums in their budget and look for medical facilities that honor Medicare coverage.

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