IndexIQ has expanded its IQ series of 16 funds with the IQ Global Alternatives ETF Model Portfolio. The investment vehicle uses liquid, transparent, low-cost alternative exchange-traded funds to achieve diversification, growth of capital and low volatility.

This includes investing in multiple hedge fund investing styles, including long/short equity, global macro, market neutral, event-driven, fixed income arbitrage and emerging markets hedge. It will also invest in domestic, international and emerging market equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and real estate.

The portfolio is constructed using a proprietary, rules-based methodology.

“The IQ Global Alternatives ETF Portfolio offers a comprehensive solution for investors seeking diversification across multiple asset classes and efficient pricing through the use of ETFs,” said Adam Patti, CEO of IndexIQ. “The portfolio is the latest iteration in our suite of alternative ETF models and is our most comprehensive solution to date. We have been incubating this strategy for quite some time and, given market conditions, we believe the time is right to make it more broadly available.”

-- This article first appeared on Money Management Executive.