Investors continued to pull money out of stock and bond funds in the week ended Dec. 15, the Investment Company Institute said Wednesday.

Equity funds saw $161 million walk out the door, down from $901 million in the previous week. Investors added $2.24 billion to funds that invest in foreign stocks, but that was offset by $2.4 billion they yanked from domestic stock funds.

Hybrid funds, which can invest in stocks and fixed income securities, took in $305 million, reversing the $214 million that exited the previous week.

Bond funds had net withdrawals of $8.62 billion, more than five times the $1.66 billion in net withdrawals the previous week. Investors pulled $3.77 billion from taxable bond funds and $4.85 billion from municipal bond funds.

The figures are estimates derived from data collected covering more than 95% of industry assets, adjusted to represent industry totals.