RidgeWorth Investments has launched planadvisortools.com, a website dedicated to the needs of retirement plan advisers.

The site has an interactive, customizable retirement plan benchmarking tool and an array of resources to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary duty. The benchmarking tool helps plan sponsors understand how their plan compares to others of similar size as well as overall across the industry, as well as new design features becoming common in plans.

“An adviser to retirement plans must be well equipped to help a plan sponsor meet its fiduciary duty,” said David Craig, director of marketing at RidgeWorth. “Planadvisortools.com provides a wide range of resources that we have developed as well as information about industry resources that an adviser can use to educate themselves and help plan sponsors.”

Over the course of 2010, RidgeWorth will be adding retirement plan fee benchmarking and adviser practice benchmarking tools.