Retirement plan provider ShareBuilder 401k has expanded its All-ETF 401(k) platform with five new funds.

The funds added to the retirement planning platform, which is marketed to businesses ranging from the self-employed all the way to mid-sized companies, include:

  • The iShares Gold Fund (IAU);
  • The PowerShares General Commodities Fund (DBC);
  • The iShares Socially Responsible Fund (KLD);
  • The SPDR International Bond Fund (BMX); and
  • The PowerShares Emerging Market Bond Fund (PCY).

"We're pleased to enhance our All-ETF 401(k) with access to new commodities, international fixed income, emerging markets and socially responsible funds," said Stuart Robertson, ShareBuilder 401k general manager, in a statement. "These funds offer important diversification options to help investors preserve and grow investments through varying economic climates while, at the same time, address the growing demand for socially responsible investments."
As a result of the expansion, ShareBuilder 401k now offers access to a total of 20 ETFs and one money market fund.

Tommy Fernandez writes for Money Management Executive.