Don’t be surprised to see a Vanguard coffee truck at a corner near you.

The Valley Forge, Pa.-based purveyor of low-cost mutual funds Vanguard is embarking on an ad campaign to encourage investors to understand that costs matter in their investment lives.

New Vanguard ads will introduce the concept of the “5x Phenomenon” with messages along the lines of: “If consumers wouldn’t pay five times more than they have to for a car, a vacation, or a book, why would they do so for a mutual fund?”

Ads will run in non-financial venues, including on consumer websites like,, and, as well as in airports, subways, and movie theaters. Also, as part of the campaign, an "At-Cost Café" truck will sell coffee at 1/5 the average price in four major Eastern cities during two-day intervals over the coming weeks.

In fact, the truck was spotted selling cups of java for $.28 outside of New York City’s Penn Station. Next Up? Philly, D.C. and Beantown.

Hung Tran writes for Money Management Executive.