Slideshow The priciest states for assisted living

  • October 19 2017, 2:57pm EDT

The 10 most expensive states

Moving to an assisted living community will be a preliminary step for many clients in their early retirement. While overall prices are increasing nationwide, the cost of care in an assisted living facility varies by state and sometimes city. Advisors with clients who live in pricier states need to be prepared to help them with those expenses.

The median monthly cost for an assisted living community in the U.S. is $3,750 per month, an increase of 3.36% from 2016, according to Genworth's annual Cost of Care study. The median annual cost is $45,000. Yet it's nearly double that in some regions.

Scroll through to see the top 10 most expensive states for assisted living communities, ranked by median yearly cost. Expenses are also broken down by region where applicable. All data from Genworth.

10. Virginia

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9. Connecticut

8. Washington

7. New Hampshire

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6. Maine

5. Rhode Island

4. Massachusetts

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3. New Jersey

2. Alaska

2. Delaware