Slideshow 6 Ways to Wow Prospects Before You Meet Them

  • October 07 2013, 4:24pm EDT
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6 Ways to Wow Prospects Before You Meet Them

by Bill Cates

When we work with advisors we spend ample time teaching them what it takes to become referable early in the relationship and then stay referable throughout the relationship.

In your first meeting with new prospects, one of the things you want to accomplish is helping them feel at ease with you and your process. Everything you do should work toward reducing their stress level and building trust. It’s also important to “wow” your prospects in that first meeting. When you make clients go, “wow,” you increase your chances of earning their business and earning referrals quickly in the relationship.

But what about before you even meet? You have a choice: you can wing it when it comes to this process or you can have a simple system. Using a checklist will ensure it happens more often than not.

Here are 6 very simple things you can do even before the first meeting to reduce stress and “wow” prospective clients.

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1. Welcome Note

Send prospective clients a welcoming, hand-written note. The tone should be cordial, but not formal or stilted. Let them know that you are looking forward to the meeting.

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2. Information Kit

Send prospective clients a pre-meeting information kit. Give them directions, parking information, a map and a checklist of what they need to bring to the meeting. If you like, you can include your brochure and bio as well.

3. Confirmation Call

You or one of your assistants should call prospects one or two days before the meeting to confirm the meeting, make sure they’ve found their documents and clarify directions. (If you are going to their home or place of business, you should still confirm directions.)

If you have an assistant, it is better to have them make this call. This is the beginning of getting their relationship off to a great start, too.

4. Warm Greeting

Make new clients feel welcome. Make sure your receptionist knows who’s about to arrive so he or she can greet them by name. For instance: “You must be Mr. and Mrs. Smith, here to see Martha Jones.”

I know one advisor who reserves the best parking space in the lot for his clients with a small sign – with their name on it. He changes it for every appointment. You could also get a sign with changeable letters to welcome each new prospect.

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5. Refreshments

Serve potential clients a beverage of their choice. Have a good selection. Offer cookies or other appropriate snack. I know many offices that have purchased a small cookie baking machine -- the office always smells like fresh baked cookies.

6. Meet Your Assistant

Have your assistant meet your clients first – by bringing them a beverage or walking them to your conference room. While you don’t want to be late for your appointment, there’s value in having your assistant spend a little time with your clients first.