Allan S. Roth

Allan S. Roth, a Financial Planning contributing writer, is founder of the planning firm Wealth Logic in Colorado Springs, Colo. He also writes for CBS and has taught investing at three universities.

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Opinion: Contributor Allan S. Roth is “more than a bit concerned” that this marriage of a low- and high-fee provider will not be good for investors.
Two thought patterns guide our financial thinking. You should learn to listen to one of them, says Allan S. Roth.
Advisors should urge clients to think long term before and after the Fed announcement on rates, says Allan Roth.
Passive investing is all the rage but there’s another fund family that’s quietly but exponentially growing.
Despite a sudden market correction, I didn't hear from panicked investors. That's because I've made them understand in these situations you must work through the pain to profit.
The role of bonds is to provide stability to a portfolio. But this only works when clients understand the true purpose behind their fixed income investments.
Analysis: Fortunately, three industry giants appear more concerned about earning market returns and avoiding foolish behavior than introducing new "hot" products.
Analysis: The advisor's role goes beyond getting clients to save more for retirement.
Analysis: Far too much professional courtesy from panelists at Morningstar helped perpetuate the fog around a subject that has crystal clear visibility.
These mainstream strategies have virtually no chance of working for clients. So why are they still so popular?
From confusing benchmarks to fictional 'income,' some advisors are deceiving clients about their financial health.
Restructuring a client’s investments to maximize their after-tax payoff can yield a small fortune. Start with these steps.
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