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Do your clients believe these investing proverbs?

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Welcome to Retirement Scan, our daily roundup of retirement news your clients may be talking about.

Most retired Americans are financially secure
Is there a looming retirement crisis in the U.S.? "The fact that eight in 10 retirees report being financially OK — and retiree incomes are rising — should be a clear indication that we are nowhere near a retirement crisis," an expert writes in the Los Angeles Times.

Catchy investing proverbs need debunking
The investing public is still plagued by superstitions with catchy names such as the "Santa Claus rally" and "sell in May and go away," according to this article in USA Today. "Short-term timing your 401(k) generally puts your retirement savings at risk, especially if you invest based on calendar trivia."

New rules could increase clients’ premiums for healthcare
Instead of paying for a group healthcare plan, employers of all sizes will be able to give employees tax-free dollars to buy their own coverage next year, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal. Health Reimbursement Arrangements had previously been only available to small businesses. Critics worry that more HRAs will raise premiums because employers with sick employees will adopt them first.

Fidelity’s rules of thumb for 401(k) saving
Fidelity recommends clients have six times their salary in their 401(k)s by age 50 to secure their retirement — and seven times their salary by age 55, according to this article on CNBC. To retire comfortably, clients need to save at least 15% of their income in 401(k)s. If that’s too much, they should contribute enough to get their employer’s matching funds.

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