Vanguard reported that expense ratios have changed for three of its mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

Specifically, the Small-Cap Value (VBR) and Total Stock Market (VTI) ETFs dropped their expense ratios 1 basis point from 21 bps to 20 bps and 6 bps to 5 bps, respectively. However, the Mid-Cap Value ETF (VOE) increased its expense ratio to 12 bps from 10 bps.

On the mutual fund front, Vanguard lowered expense ratios for the Small-Cap Value Index (VSIAX, VSIIX, VISVX) fund, and Total Stock Market Index (VTSAX, VTSMX, VTSSX) fund 1 basis point each. However, the firm raised expenses for its Mid-Cap Value Index fund (VMVAX, VMVIX) 2 bps.