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Asian-American clients are looking to advisors for guidance and not getting it.
While advisors look to expand their wealthy client base, there’s one group that is still dramatically underserved: Asian-Americans. Only 18% of Asian-American clients work with an advisor, compared with 26% of the general population, according to Prudential’s new Asian-American Financial Experience study. Yet this group has higher average income than the overall populace, and 43% of those surveyed told Prudential they were willing to hire professional financial help.

The number of Asian-Americans is expected to grow by 20 million to 40 million in the next two decades, says Srinivas Reddy, Prudential Retirement's head of Full Service Investments.

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Note: All data is from Prudential.
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Greater investing capabilities
This population has more wealth than the general population, which has average household financial assets of $385,500. About 17% of Asian-Americans have at least $500,000 of equity in their homes compared with 8% of the general population.
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How much do they earn?
The median household income of this population segment is higher than the general population's $62,000.
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Help wanted
Few clients in this group utilize the services of financial professionals, although 43% would consider it.
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An earlier post-work life.
Asian-Americans plan to retire 15½ months earlier than the general population, which anticipates retiring at 65.9 years old.
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The lack in financial knowledge
Asian-Americans are relatively confident with their financial health, but they are less likely to view themselves as financially knowledgeable, Prudential says. Just 31% of respondents consider themselves as "very well prepared " to make financial decisions, compared with 33% of the general population.
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Hungry for information
44% of Asian-American clients say family members are their preferred source of financial information compared with 37% of the general population.

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The issue of advisor-client trust
One-in-five Asian-Americans say they never found an advisor they trust. Prudential also highlights that these skeptical clients are more likely to think fees are too high.
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Comparing generations
Asian-American clients who work with advisors are more likely to be born in the U.S., the study says.