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Which newly registered RIAs have the most AUM?

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Everything is bigger in Texas, the trope goes. But is that true for RIAs?

To see where the country’s largest new RIAs are registered, please see the interactive graphic. You can also learn which states are most popular with those newcomers.

Largest new firms to register with the SEC in 2017

Source: SEC

To find details on the top 10 new firms, Financial Planning examined Form ADV and state notice filings. We honed in on RIAs that offered financial planning services and also had 50% or more of their AUM derived from individuals, as of July.

Spend a little time with the infographic and some interesting trends emerge. For one, Seasons of Advice Wealth Management entered new registrations for more states than any other firm.

The New York-based firm, founded in January by former Ameriprise advisors, needed to do so to keep working with previous clients, according to President Christopher Conigliaro.

What else jumps out? For one, some things are indeed bigger in Texas.

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