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Advisers and their companies faced more FINRA arbitration claims last year than they did in 2015, but not nearly as many as they did eight years ago.

The caseload has ebbed as economic tides have flowed, according to annual figures disclosed late last month by the regulator. The number of proceedings corresponds with busts like the Great Recession and the dot-com bubble, according to one mediator and consultant.

“Whenever an event like that happens, the filings for the next three or four years go way up,” says Dana Pescosolido, a retired attorney who runs his own mediation and consulting firm.

Pescosolido describes the statistics published monthly and yearly by FINRA as “awfully basic,” and he's supplemented that information through his own study, which adds a geographic angle to the official figures.

Pescosolido found correlations between hearing locations and the client’s chances of winning a case. He even came up with a new arbitration stat he calls “slugging percentage,” a familiar term for baseball fans.

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