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If there is one thing that can be said about financial advisors, it’s that they truly enjoy what they do. Many planners have said that one of the reasons they chose their profession is due to the joy they feel when helping others.

“I love being an advisor because I love working with people, I love helping them find ways to save money and take their planning to a level that is hard to find on the internet via a Google search,” says advisor Breanna Reish of Wealth of Confidence. “Overall I just love helping people and showing them that our industry is not just about investing, it is about real-life scenarios, hopes and dreams. There are people out there that focus on that — not just the ticker running across the screen or an annuity.”

Advisors tend to make strong connections with their clients, often referring to them as family and forging a bond that goes beyond offering financial advice.

“I think we can agree that life is about more than money, but it takes money to live life,” says advisor Michael Palazzolo of Fintentional. “I feel fortunate to work with individuals on such a personal topic as where their life and money intersect. They trust me with intimate details of their life and finances so that I can help them achieve their personal goals. I also get a chance to meet such interesting and wonderful individuals.”

While the relationship between advisor and client is often a rewarding one, that doesn’t mean it is always smooth sailing. Sometimes advisors and clients have trouble communicating, which can make the planning process difficult.

Dealing with a variety of people every day, advisors can encounter some interesting characters. Sometimes the things clients say can make the advisor step back and say “huh?”

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