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Clients looking for an income stream are mostly likely interested in bonds (whose most newsworthy aspect now are their low yields), or dividend-paying stocks.

We've highlighted the importance of dividends before, looking both at individual stocks, as well as the total returns of funds. However, those rankings were based on past performance data.

Biggest dividend increases from S&P 500 companies
Top funds by total returns

Now we're looking ahead at expected, future dividend ratios. Based on projections, of course, these mutual funds and ETFs have the highest expected dividends per share over the next five years, compared to their share price today.

Bear in mind, dividends can pile up over five years for an eye-popping projection (some are in the teens.) Moreover, when you look at the actual past return figures, you'll see many in the red. As with any potential investment, make sure clients know the risks and that it fits with their overall objectives.

Only funds with at least $100 million, and three years of operating history, were considered for the ranking. As always, we also show the expense ratios of each fund. All data from Morningstar.