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18 to watch in 2018
Events set to unfold in 2018 will remake the wealth management business. The fiduciary issue is still looming over the landscape, so the big regulators are prominent in our list of 18 people to watch. But industry players are making a difference, too. Big firms are pulling out of the Broker Protocol and prompting recruiting sprees, not to mention lawsuits, which could help reshape the industry for years to come.

Meanwhile, new technology will continue to disrupt the industry, and M&A will remain a major story line as several war chests are being accumulated.

Advisors can prepare themselves by checking out our cheat sheet of key industry players to watch in the coming year. (Spoiler alert: one of our picks bears a striking resemblance to a famous actor.)

Written and edited by Sean Allocca, Lee Conrad, Ken Corbin, Margarida Correia, Suleman Din, Ann Marsh, Toby Salinger and Andrew Welsch.