Top 40 under 40 nos. 1 to 10
Each year On Wall Street ranks the highest-producing employee advisors in wealth management who are under age 40. We continue the tradition this year by unveiling advisors who ranked nos. 1 to 10.

Finalists for the ranking had to be no older than 39 as of Dec. 31, 2017, and be employed at the wirehouses, regional broker-dealers or boutique wealth management firms. Production totals were used to determine the rankings.

Scroll through to see who ranked nos. 1 to 10 this year.
No. 10
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Name: Umesh Trikha
Age: 35
AUM: $1,126,279,998
Production: $4,212,675
Adam Rosenfeld Merrill Lynch advisor
No. 9
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Name: Adam Rosenfeld
Age: 39
AUM: $741,696,067
Production: $4,243,907
Keith Apton UBS advisor
No. 8
Firm: UBS
Name: Keith Apton
Age: 39
AUM: $1,096,035,101
Production: $4,305,450
Nicole Christians  Merrill Lynch advisor
No. 7
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Name: Nicole Christians
Age: 36
AUM: $642,056,683
Production: $4,336,563
Adam Merino Morgan Stanley advisor
No. 6
Firm; Morgan Stanley
Name: Adam Merino
Age: 34
AUM: $506,735,824
Production: $4,338,742
Fulvio Urbinati Morgan Stanley advisor
No. 5
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Name: Fulvio Urbinati
Age: 39
AUM: $560,784,552
Production: $4,523,420
No. 4
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Name: Mihir Patel
Age: 37
AUM: $386,596,734
Production: $4,644,143
Bob White HighTower advisor
No. 3
Firm: HighTower Advisors
Name: Bob White
Age: 37
AUM: $725,374,211
Production: $5,761,663
Nick Kavallieratos Morgan Stanley advisor
No. 2
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Name: Nick Kavallieratos
Age: 38
AUM: $2,512,017,988
Production: $7,886,893
Dane Runia Merrill Lynch advisor
No. 1
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Name: Dane Runia
Age: 34
AUM: $2,517,897,789
Production: $10,615,052