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Billionaire cover slide
More individuals are reaching billionaire status but the total wealth held by the nation's jet set is contracting.
IAG.10172016. Billionaire slideshow 6% contraction in wealth UHNW rich
1% growth for the billionaires club
IAG.10172016. billionaire who holds the wealth demographic UHNW wealthy rich
The combination of age and wealth
Billionaire total wealth transfer UHNW wealthy rich
What lies ahead?
Billionaire total wealth self-made vs multigenerational rich UHNW
Young money fared better than old
Billionaire contraction of wealth by gen transfer UHNW rich
How the rich become … less rich
IAG.10172016. billionaire inheritance on a sliding scale UHNW rich wealthy
How effective is the great wealth transfer?
Billionaire 1 every 3 day UHNW rich
Where is the money?